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Oroboros Change-log
Thank you to all the Kongregate players who submitted bug reports! I fixed as many of them as possible.
Sat Sept 08, 2007
  • New Power-Ups
    • Invincibility
    • Regrow Segment

  • Fixed Tail Switching
    • Armor and blades power-ups no longer influence each other. When you switch between them using the (Z) and (X) keys, your tail will remember the armor or blade state it previously had

  • Updated various text throughout the game to reflect new changes
  • Fixed issue with game unpausing before the menu is fully closed
  • Mouse is visible until game menu fully closes
  • Fixed issue with oro's head scaling up too much
  • Power-ups, and spilled multipliers no longer update while the game is paused
  • Fixed issue with Swarmer spawn sound not being affected by the sound FX volume slider
  • Swarmers now spawn slightly less frequently
  • Rockets aka (Cutters) will explode as normal if you hit them before they have launched. This prevents them from insta-killing you.
  • Cutters now make an explosion sound every time they hit you
  • Regrow Segment power-ups will not spawn if none of your segments are hurt
  • Oroboros can no longer leave the game area if the mouse is down
  • Added a new Dimension "All You Can Eat"
  • After Dimension 13 there is a random chance that either a "Seeker Slasher" or "All You Can Eat" round will occur

Sun Sept 09, 2007
  • Added restart button to the in-game menu
  • Fixed potential exploit bugs
  • Fixed All You Can Eat level description (was on the wrong level)
  • Changed Dimension of Champions button so that it launches in a new window
  • Fixed bug where game was not loading properly in IE.
  • Fixed bug with Dimension of Champions page (high scores) loading the game instead of the correct page (IE only)

Mon Sept 10, 2007
  • Seekers are now more destructable!
    • If a rocket hits a seeker, they both will explode
    • If a segment gets hit while a seeker is attached, the seeker will be destroyed
    • If a seeker attaches to you, it will eat only 2 segments instead of 3
    • If a seeker is attached to you, and it tries to advance into a bladed segment, it will either be killed or dazed for a brief moment

  • Rockets will now explode on impact with all enemies (killing seekers and swarmers, but not warpers)
  • Swarmers have a 7 second respawn delay after an energy bomb is launched
  • Fixed a bug with tail switching not working properly due to dead segments
  • Updated text descriptions for armor and blades to improve clarity

  • Added score statistics to the game dropdown menu. You can now view info about:
    • Multiplier values
    • Energy clusters eaten
    • Seekers sliced
    • Point value per Energy Cluster
    • Point value per Seeker

  • Warper has been nerf'd and will no longer insta-kill you
  • You can now carry 7 energy bombs instead of 5
  • Added restart confirmation so players don't restart the game unintentionally
  • exploded seeker giblets, particles, and spilled multipliers have been cleaned up so they will no longer carry over into a new game

Sun Sept 16, 2007
  • Fixed memory leak from not disposing of bitmaps properly, which was causing a progressive slowdown
  • Added rank display to the game-over screen after you submit your score.
  • Added total number of game plays counter to the Oroboros top 25 High Score page
  • High score submissions should work properly now
  • fixed a bug that was causing the tail retract meter to continue depleting during the level up screen

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