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B-Out is a new game I've created for cell phones capable of running Flash Lite 2 and up! The gameplay is like the classic Breakout/Arkanoid, and is a great time killer when you are on a flight, riding the subway, or just need a quick distraction.

But don't take my word for it, check out the video and see for your self!

Purchase B-Out

You can purchase this game very easily from our distribution partners at Voeveo. They make sure your device is compatible, and are really great to work with!

Flash Lite Installation Info

Testing your phone for Flash Lite
If you need to test your phone for compatibility, you can use this sample Flash Movie (right-click and choose save as). Simply transfer it to your phone and then attempt to play it using the Flash Player app. If you cannot play this movie, then the game will not work either. At this point, you should manually upgrade the Flash Lite player.

Manually Upgrading your Flash Lite Player
If you need to update Your Flash Lite player, then head over to the Adobe Flash download page and grab the latest Free Flash Lite player. As of this time, Flash Lite 2.1 is the newest release. Adobe has installation instructions that will help you get started, but it's a quick and simple process!

The download link is about halfway down the page and looks like this: download Flash Lite from

What if I buy it and it doesn't work on my phone?

With all of the millions of phones in existence, there are bound to be several that this game will not work on. Make sure you download the free sample Flash Movie (right-click and choose save as) that I mentioned above and test it before you purchase Mobile B-Out. If it works, then the game should also. If you still have problems, you can use the contact form to get in touch with me.

Thanks for helping an Indie Game Developer pay his rent. If enough people decide to purchase this game, then I will definitely be making more mobile Flash Games in the future. Let's hope for the best!

Sam Horton
Game Developer - Funface Games

Copyright © 2009 Funface Games. All rights reserved.

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